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Friday, December 18, 2009

Why Dental Implants Cost Is Not Stopping People from Going for Implants

With the need to get a new set of dentures very high among many, dental implants cost is also a much discussed topic in the US coast to coast these days. People are looking for affordable implants in the US as the medical insurance companies in none of their states offer full coverage. Some of them don’t offer any coverage at all as the procedure is considered cosmetic rather than an essential dental treatment.

Cheaper options in Mexico

High costs in the US are also making many people look for cheaper options overseas and Mexico is a favored destination for dental tourism. You can either get covered in the US with a rider in the policy that comes with extra amounts paid every month or go over to Mexico.

Dental implants cost is also pinching many people coast to coast after the recession bit in making every dollar precious. But with the slide in dollar, there is no reverse tourism for dental implants coming into the US.

Even a low dollar value compared to major currencies the world over is not making the US a first choice for dental implants. Insurance companies coast to coast may have different policies regarding coverage, but none of them finance the high dental implants cost in full.

You would have to finance it yourself or get a loan to get it done. If your teeth get knocked off due to an accident, you could get coverage, but to replace existing teeth, the insurers in the US are not willing to pay you.

Costs can vary

To sort of stem the exodus to other countries for dental tourism, some federal states in the US are thinking of offering extra incentives to insurers to make them offer cover age for full dental implants cost. You not only have to pay for the implants, but for other professional expenses as well.

There would be a team of dental professionals at work and you may not know what your bone density is like before you go for implants. If there is sufficient reconstruction needed, you could end up paying several thousand dollars more.

But, nothing is expensive to a few people who want a long lasting smile right way. Basic dental implants cost can range from $1250 to $3000 while for more critical procedures like sinus elevation, regeneration of the bone and posterior mandible, it could go up to $30,000 or more.

If both the upper and lower jaw has to be done, the cost would be more and it would also depend on the diameter of the implant. Compared to other forms of replacement involving repairs and painful surgery, they are opting for this method despite high dental implants cost.