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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Factors That Determine The Dental Implants Cost

A dental implant surgery has better success rates than the traditional tooth replacement methods like dentures, bridges and partials. They do not provide discomfort and they aid chewing functionality with ease. The dental implants cost depends upon the nature and the type of implant that needs to be carried out on the person. The dentist ascertains the condition of a person’s teeth on the basis of bone density and quality before conducting the surgery.

The costs of the dental implants depend upon the unique needs of a person. The amount of money that you need to spend on basic dental implants can range between $1,500 to $3,000. These are the average amounts that you may have to shell out. If you need a reconstructive surgery the dental implants cost is higher. These surgeries are expensive because of the type of placement method that is used.

When it comes to determining the maximum costs that you can incur on dental implants, the health of your mouth and jaw needs to be taken into consideration. For getting an estimate on the dental implants cost that you may have to bear, a visit to a dentist is essential. He will evaluate your condition according to bone quality and density before he decides on the dental implant procedure. If you need one tooth replaced this does not cost much.

For those who need multiple dental implants the costs are higher and many people may deter themselves from undergoing the surgery. There are many dentists who give you financing options if you have a good credit history. This helps those people who cannot pay upfront.

The dental implants cost may depend upon a number of factors and if you need additional procedures like a bone graft or a sinus lift you have to pay more. The material that is used for the implant determines the cost to large extent. These costs cover the total implant price and the cost of making the artificial tooth. There is also the use of imaging in the procedure in the form of X-rays of C.T’s that also has a cost for it is modern and accurate.

The laboratory costs that cover the price of making the final tooth that is known as Crown that is shaped and built determine the expenses of the surgery to a large extent.

The condition of the person like the age, oral health and hygiene, jaw and bone density, and other factors determine whether you need additional treatments or not. The next factor that determines the price of the surgery is the knowledge and the expertise of the dentist who is performing the dental implant.

The above thus, provides us with information on the dental implants cost and how they are evaluated and ascertained. These costs largely depend on the nature and type of dental surgery that needs to be performed. There are also a number of deciding factors that also determine dental implant costs to a very large degree like the material used for the surgery, the physical condition of the person and the laboratory costs that need to be incurred.