Discover How a Dental Implant Can Renew Your Smile And Your Chewing Ability

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Brief Synopsis on Dental Implants Cost

Dental implants help you to get rid of the pain as well as the discomfort that comes with the removal of partial or full dentures. The replacement teeth resemble natural teeth and are anchored in a secured manner to your jawbone.

Still confused about the effectiveness of dental implants? If that’s so, then why not take a look at the benefits that comes with dental implants before we move onto dental implants cost. Here we go…

• With dental implants you are sure to speak in a natural and relaxed tone as well as with confidence

• With dental implants be sure that you are never to come across the inconveniences of full and partial dentures

• Dental implants help in restoring chewing efficiency that you get with natural teeth

Dental implants cost may vary from anywhere between $2000 and $4500. This isn’t all, in fact dental implants cost may increase to a significant extent in case there’s any involvement of additional procedures such as a sinus lift or a bone graft. On an average, dental implants cost range in between $9000 to $14000. However, the expenses can be lowered to a considerable extent by opting for mini dental implants. In general, dental implants cost are determined after taking into consideration the following points:

• C.T’s or x-rays add to the expenses of dental implant

• The material used for carrying out a dental implantation determines the cost involved in it. In general, all dental implant organizations have implants grouped under the same price range, hence there’s not much variation in the price

• You may have to pay a bit more because of the expenses involved in producing the crown or the final tooth

• Dental implants cost may vary based on the age, jaw bone anatomy, oral hygiene. Believe it or not, but these factors determine whether you need to go for other treatments or not

We believe in setting the dental implants cost after taking into consideration the aforementioned factors. Each of the aforementioned factors is quite standard when it comes to pricing and there aren’t as such vast differences in price.

Most people are of the opinion that dental implants are a bit more expensive when compared with the other alternative procedures of tooth replacement. However, this isn’t the truth; instead the truth is that dental implants are quite reasonable as compared with the other tooth replacement procedures.

The chief difference in the pricing may be due to the fact that the other treatment options need extensive repairs, procedures as well as replacements for preserving the integrity of facial structures as well as for preventing additional tooth loss. In simple words, additional processes may come into use for much serious issues like repairing the resulting bone defects or replacing the initial bridge. This implies that if you go in for any of these treatment options then you may have to pay much more, say an added amount of $6000. On the flip side, a dental implant supported crown may cost anywhere in between $2500 to $5000. The bottom line is that ensure consideration the relevant factors prior to opting for a dental implant.

dental implants cost

Monday, January 4, 2010

Dental Implants Cost

With age the teeth get weaker and start to fall. People can also loose tooth through tooth decay. Tooth decay can be caused by infection. It can also be caused by eating too much spicy food, smoking and drinking alcohol, tea and coffee. Improper brushing and flushing can increase the risk. Impacts can also cause teeth to come loose. When a tooth falls off it causes much discomfort. It becomes very difficult to eat and even talk. There can be a lot of pain as well. Moreover this affects the image of a person as healthy dentures are considered essential for beautiful smiles and consequently the facial attractiveness of a person.

However when a tooth is lost, it can be replaced. There are many methods like using dentures and bridges. Dentures can be partial and permanent. Permanent dentures are a full set of teeth that are artificially made to replace the entire natural set. Partial dentures replace only one or some teeth. They provide support to the gums.

These methods are not entirely permanent and comfortable. They do not give the feel of original teeth and a person wearing them never has full confidence over them. A newer method has become very popular as it is much more permanent and makes users feel as if they are using their original teeth. They look much better and as good as natural teeth. Such an implant is generally made by a team of professionals particularly trained in this procedure.

Dental implants are put in by an intricate procedure. The dentist first takes exact measurements. A metal post is attached to the gum. The post fuses during the healing period creating very strong roots for the new tooth.

A dental implant can cost a lot. It involves the dentist’s fees, fees for the entire team, the cost of consultation, the cost of x-rays and ct scans, the price of the dentures and the crowns and the cost of grafting, if it is required. A dental implant can cost about 4000 US dollars for a single tooth. Additional grafting can take the cost up to 9000 US dollars to 14000 US dollars.

Here is a rough break up of the cost. The consultation costs about $50 or more. The implant can cost any where from $800 to almost $2000. You can reduce this cost by using mini dentures which are half the price of the full dentures. Grafting can cost as much as $10,000. Implants in the upper jaw generally cost more than implants on the lower jaw.

Dental implants cost vary according to the shape and condition of the teeth and gums as well as the condition of the root. The position of the implant also affects the cost. Any additional procedure raises the cost by a significant amount.

The cost of dentures in the United States varies from state to state. It is the lowest in Mexico. Costs in Mexico are just one third of the costs in the US. As a result more and more people are opting for getting their implants done in Mexico.