Discover How a Dental Implant Can Renew Your Smile And Your Chewing Ability

Monday, September 20, 2010

Dental Implants Cost Less in Costa Rica!

Dental implants do cost quite a lot of money. In fact, people don’t go in for these procedures willingly because they know that sometimes – if the situation is bad - , they might have to end up paying something like twenty thousand dollars for a successful procedure and most people don’t have that kind of money to spare.

Yes, who doesn’t want a smile like a Hollywood celebrity’s? But who has that kind of money to spend?

Dental Tourism

Dental implants are expensive. But a great alternative for people looking for low cost dental implants is a vacation! Confused? I’m talking about medical tourism! There are a lot of skilled dental surgeons who practice in different parts of the world and you can get your entire procedure – plus a great vacation – for twenty thousand dollars! Just visit, say Thailand.

We all know that Thailand is an amazingly fun place to visit; wouldn’t it be great if you could team up your visit with a low cost dental implants procedure? You bet! Well, this is no longer a distant dream, because guess what? It is totally possible!

In fact Thailand is one of the countries out there, with certified dental clinics which will support it’s patrons with a much lower cost for their procedure. The sad about dental implants is, since it is classified under cosmetic surgery, the cost for this procedure is not covered by most medical insurances. Thus, if you want to go through with this procedure, you definitely HAVE to pay up!

So, you can join the ranks of the rest five hundred thousand Americans who travel abroad to countries like India, Spain, Italy, Latvia etc. to get their dental implant procedures done at a low cost.

This particular statistic has been obtained from the National Coalition on Health Care, so it is foolproof! In Dental Tourism countries, like the ones mentioned the cost for dental implants is just about thirty to forty dollars per tooth! When I say low dental implants cost, I actually mean it! Crazy, isn’t it?

Costa Rica

In fact, in countries like Costa Rica, same day procedures are heavily advertised and they come for a song! Dental implants cost a lot less here, but depend on the number of teeth you want removed or replaced. Cost Rica is pretty close to home, so travel expenditure isn’t too high either.

A definite plus for Costa Rica is that it is an amazingly beautiful country and if you’re looking to team your surgery with a vacation, then this is definitely your destination. Moreover, the big thing about Costa Rica is that it is home to a number of extremely renowned hospitals which enjoy a very good reputation.

So despite the fact that you might have to pay just about a fraction of the price that you would otherwise have to, you will not be experiencing any compromise in the quality of the treatment.

Yes, dental implants cost up to fifty percent less in this haven AND you get the benefit of quality, now isn’t that a steal?