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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dental Implants Cost Can Range From $1250 to Upwards of $30,000

While checking out dental implants cost, you need to verify what exactly you need. It is not only implants that you have to pay, but other expenses can quickly add up if your bone density is not perfect or the diameter of the implant is more. And if you need to do both the upper and lower jaw, your costs could go up further.

More and more people want to get it done

But even though the procedure is painful, many people want to get it done to get back their flashing white smile. It is not only a preferred method for celebrities only as more and more average Americans coast to coast are looking for dental implants cost that is affordable in the US. They are metallic roots implanted in the jaw bone and the cost can vary between dental practitioners state to state.

Healing can take a few months, but the procedure is permanent compared to other forms of tooth repair and replacement. If you plan to do it in the US, you have to be ready to pay from $1250 to $3000 for an implant and the cost could escalate quickly if there are other restructuring works involved.

On the whole you may end up paying upwards of $30,000 with all the expenses included. For many it is a very high figure and dental implants cost is not covered by medical insurers.

Insurers coast to coast only cover dental treatment and repairs caused by accidents. It is not considered an essential medical procedure, but a cosmetic one and medical insurance cover does not extend to patients opting for implants. There are some insurance companies that take care of some of the cost while others do not cover at all.

High dental implants cost and inability to get upfront insurance in the US is forcing many patients to go overseas. Places like Mexico offer dental implants at a third of the cost.

Locate specialists listed under ADA

You can get a single implant done for as little as a couple of hundred dollars in Mexico and the total cost would be lesser than the US. You can search online for cheaper options in the US as well as insurers that can finance part of the cost. To make dental implants cost affordable, some states in the US are trying to offer incentives to insurers for providing cover and also stem the exodus to Mexico and other nations for cheaper implants.

You can also save on dental implants cost by locating specialists listed under American Dental Association (ADA). You can get detailed information about their practice and whether there have been any issues with patients in the past. You could find some dentists that can provide you with affordable dental implants cost plans.

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