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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dental Implants Cost Is Pushing More and More Americans Overseas

With the economic recession waylaying many Americans, dental implants cost have also started to pinch. Some are either passing it up or looking for cheaper implants with little known experts to their own peril. It is difficult to get an insurance cover for dental implants making many postpone it for another day till they can get a lender to finance their treatment. There are even others coast to coast who are outsourcing their dental transplants to some other country like nearby Mexico or far off where it is affordable.

Mexico offers implants at a third of the cost

Dental implants cost could be very high in the US if you want to get it done by a reputed practitioner. The reason for high cost of dentists in the US has resulted in dental tourism in many countries with high health care standards. They are experiencing a steady flow of tourists from the US wanting to get their dental implants done.

In Mexico, you can do transplants at nearly a third of the cost. And getting cheap dental care in the US is not possible if you are in the big cities. Costs tend to vary even among states and large cities.

According to several health solution providers, nearly 650,000 patients would go overseas in the event of high dental implants cost in the US. It is a huge jump from 2008 and medical tourism for dental care is expected to go up further in the years ahead. Primarily, the reason for the exodus of patients is the inability of medical insurance companies to cover cost of implants.

Even though there are few insurance companies that provide coverage, many Americans coast to coast cannot find an insurer who would foot their entire dental implants cost.

Some states are planning incentives for dental insurers

Of the large amount of Americans traveling overseas for health tourism every year, a large number are dental patients. It is not only the high costs, but many other places like Mexico are also known for their high dental treatment standards making it lucrative for the average American to hop across. Estimates say that nearly 1% of the adult population go overseas as they can’t afford dental implants cost in the US. And of the percentage of the adult population, it is only the elderly that are going out.

It was expected that after the slide in dollar, there would be a reverse rush from overseas to the US for dental treatment. But that is not happening as yet as dental implants cost is pretty high in the US. Federal states like Colorado and West Virginia are toying with the idea of getting more incentives loaded up for the insurer to cover dental implants cost.

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